App Aims To Track Engrained Corruption In Lebanon

I was going through my usual routine of news consumption when I stumbled across this interesting article on NPR about a lawyer who made an app to help fight corruption in Lebanon. Admittedly, I do not know a lot about Lebanon, but I can understand corruption. So I was intrigued to see what they were doing with this application. The premise turned out to be harnessing anonymity in a way that makes it easy and safe to report corruption.

Turns out that Lebanon is a pretty corrupt place. Simply googling Lebanon corruption brought back a stack of results and quotes like this one, “Lebanon is regularly ranked one of the most corrupt countries in the world, but one minister is breaking taboos with an unprecedented campaign targeting everything from spoiled food to bribery.”- See more at:

I live in Seattle, WA USA, and whenever I drive down the freeway I always see the 467-hero signs next to the carpool lanes. It is phone number that allows drivers to report violators who cheat the system and drive solo in the carpool lane. Once, my wife and I actually called a driver in, and we did kind of feel like heroes. I am not sure how successful the 467-hero project has worked, but it makes for an interesting case of empowering people to make a change.

In my mind, I started to think about the whole Yik Yak anonymity problem, and how this lawyer in Lebanon used anonymity to help give a voice to people. I am inspired by this type of project and it adds to my belief that their is power in giving the students a voice.

I searched for the application, and I couldn’t actually find anything on it. So if you know anything about, please send it my way.

Here is a link to the article:

App Aims To Track Engrained Corruption In Lebanon