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Engaging, inspiring and empowering college students by incorporating international news into their daily lives.

What is the Current Project?

The Current Project aims to engage, inspire, and empower college students by incorporating news from around the world into their daily lives. My goal is to create news rituals and healthy news consumption habits that can carry on past college and last the rest of their lives.

Be curious. Be connected. Be current.

Why is this important?

There has been a radical change with how the millennial generation consumes the news. The rituals created by the older traditional news outlets, such as newspapers and broadcast are no longer relevant to U.S. college students. Students find themselves snacking on news when it is convenient to their busy lifestyles, which causes them to consume news on a less frequent basis.

My approach

Every U.S. college student has a different relationship to the amount and types of news that they consume. I quickly realized that there was not going to be one silver bullet project that dealt with the diversity of this problem. So I focused on creating a family of projects that tackled it from different directions, whether through humor, or their stomachs.

“Cocooned in classrooms for only our first (21 years) or so, we effectively spend the rest of our lives under the tutelage of the news entities which wield infinitely greater influence over us than any academic institution can. Once our formal education has finished, the news is the teacher.”

Alain de Botton, The News: A User’s Manual

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